How to Order

Before placing your order, please make sure to get your ring size checked professionally at a local jewelers' as the rings are made out of hard metals and therefore not resizable.

Professional measuring is usually a service provided in any jewelry store free of charge and is much more reliable than any at home sizer.

Please note: I will not be able to offer assistance due to a size incorrectly declared by the customer, so please double check your accurate size before placing an order.

All my rings are made out of hard, extremely durable materials which allow for a lasting keepsake that's not easily broken or bent and because of this they are not resizeable, so please be sure of the ring size needed. 

I currently offer rings made out of:

  •  Titanium
  •  Black Ceramic
  •  Damascus Steel 

My Sand Ring and Memorial Ring designs are the bespoke options that allow for your personal keepsake inclusions to be used.

Any items will need to be sent to me (UK) and all necessary details will be provided shortly after an order is placed. 

Most non-porous inclusions can be added to your design, for example:

  •  raw crushed gemstones and crystals
  •  diamond shards
  •  synthetic opal shards
  •  gold or silver pellets
  •  sea glass
  •  fossils
  •  seashells
  •  sand and stones
  •  metal elements (car parts, broken rings etc.)

Unfortunately, I'm NOT able to work with organic, porous materials like:

  •  hair
  •  wood
  •  dried flowers or plants
  •  fabric 
  •  deer antler 


All international orders will be shipped with full tracking information provided and will require a signature upon delivery.

Delivery to most countries may take around 2 weeks from the shipping date, which is booked through placing your order (please note that this is a general estimation and does not include any possible postal or customs delays present at the time).

The customer is liable to pay any applicable Duty or Taxes which may be associated with the parcel.

It is the customer's responsibility to cover any additional charges imposed by their country's customs authorities and refusal to cover said fees is not a valid ground for a refund or a cancellation of your order.


Unfortunately, shipping to EU / EEA countries is not offered at this time - apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

All UK orders will be shipped with full tracking information provided and will require a signature upon delivery.

Service Policies

Please make sure that only responsibly and legally sourced samples of any kind are sent our way – we do not encourage, accept or take responsibility for materials sourced in violation of any laws or regulations, local or otherwise. SangrealRings LTD takes no responsibility for, and will not be liable for any errors or omissions on the customer's behalf.

By requesting a custom design you acknowledge that personal requests imply a unique and sometimes unpredictable outcome, so please be sure of the design you're requesting. 

All custom orders agreed on approved before shipping are final - no returns, refunds or replacements can be offered.  

Please know that before an order is placed, custom requests are always discussed in as much detail as possible and a photo for final approval is always supplied by email before shipping.

My rings are designed to be as tough as they get, absolutely with the intention of lasting a lifetime - the lasting of any jewelry piece always depends strictly on the wearer's care for it however. 


To ensure your ring's longevity, please take note of the ring care advice below:

The rings are of course fine for everyday use although to ensure a lasting keepsake they should be kept away from harsh, acidic and abrasive chemicals like bleach, acetone, glue, prolonged exposure to strong hand sanitizers, chlorine, salt water etc. as they will damage the inlay's binding over time. 

Acetone is especially dangerous - it is mostly used in nail salons to melt acrylic.


The ring can be re-polished with a cloth or kitchen towel dipped in metal polishing paste (such as Peak or Autosol) as / when / if needed.